This year, the nation will elect a new president who will set the priorities and policies for their administration that will impact cities for years to come. That’s why NLC launched the nonpartisan Cities Lead 2016 campaign last fall – to show the presidential candidates that by supporting city priorities and standing with city leaders, we can strengthen the nation’s economy, build and maintain our infrastructure and keep our residents safe.

With the final weeks of the 2016 election season upon us, we need your help to shape the future of America and make sure that city issues remain a top priority during this election and into the next administration. This playbook is a guide to support you in your work as an advocate for the three issue areas that are important to cities – public safety, infrastructure and the economy. The resources that follow will provide you with the tools necessary to ensure that city priorities are at the forefront of the 2016 presidential election.


#CitiesLead2016 on the IssuesNLC PIE Playbook

• Public Safety

Cities Lead 2016 Priority: Public Safety

State of the Cities 2016: Public Safety

• Infrastructure

Cities Lead 2016 Priority: Infrastructure

State of the Cities 2016: Infrastructure

• The Economy

Cities Lead 2016 Priority: The Economy

State of the Cities 2016: Economic Development


Take Action to #StandWithCities

Cities Lead 2016 Agenda Sign-On

Letters to the Next President

Tweet at the Next President


To download the entire playbook, click here. For more information or assistance in completing the advocacy actions included in the playbook, contact Ashley Smith, Senior Associate, Grassroots Advocacy, at 202-626-3094 or