Take action and urge the candidates to #StandWithCities.

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In just 32 days, Americans across the country will head to the polls to decide who will be the next President of the United States. It’s been a long and interesting ride and as the final Election Day countdown begins, our work to ensure that city issues remain a top priority during this election and into the next administration takes on a new urgency.

Throughout the last year, hundreds of city leaders across the country have signed on in support of NLC’s Cities Lead 2016 Agenda, encouraging the presidential candidates to prioritize investment in infrastructure, public safety, and the economy during their campaigns. We took our message to the primary states and traveled to Cleveland and Philadelphia for the national political conventions to ensure that the voices of city leaders were heard loud and clear. And with the last weeks of the 2016 election season upon us, now more than ever, we need your help to make sure that the next president-elect is ready to partner with us and make city issues a priority on day one of their administration.

That’s why today, NLC is launching our Cities Lead 2016 Playbook. Along with our Cities Lead blog, our playbook is a resource for city leaders to engage the candidates on city issues during these critical remaining days of the general election. Here’s how our tools can help you can make a difference for cities this Election Day:

Brush up on our key priorities.

The best advocates are informed advocates. This election, our Cities Lead 2016 Agenda encompasses the most pressing issues facing cities. From improving public safety, to investing in infrastructure and strengthening America’s economy, we need the candidates to show us their plans for how as president they will work with city leaders in addressing these priorities.

To learn more about our Cities Lead 2016 Agenda and how the next president can partner with city leaders to strengthen our cities and our nation, check out the “#CitiesLead2016 On The Issues” section of our playbook. Here you’ll find the most up-to-date information on our priorities and how local leaders across the country are working to address these issues in their communities.

Understand where the candidates stand on city issues.

Distinguishing fact from fiction this election season has not always been easy. Between the 24-hour news cycle and social media, it’s easy for a candidate’s policy positions to get lost.

To learn where the candidates stand on the most important issues cities face and what our cities might look like if these issues aren’t addressed, check out our Cities Lead blog each week through Election Day. On the blog, NLC’s slate of policy experts dissect where the candidates stand to help you make an informed decision at the polls.

Take action and urge the candidates to #StandWithCities.

NLC and city officials have worked closely with the current and previous administrations to make a difference for cities and the people who live in them. We want to continue to do so by making sure the presidential candidates clearly understand that city issues are America’s issues.

To add your voice today, check out the “Take Action to #StandWithCities” section of our playbook to advocate for our Cities Lead 2016 Agenda. By sending a letter to the next president and tweeting at the candidates, we can continue the groundswell of support for city priorities and encourage the candidates to stand with city leaders so we tackle these critical issues together.

The next president has an opportunity to work with local officials to ensure that cities can continue leading the country to a brighter, more successful future for all Americans. No matter who you plan to vote for on Election Day, by standing together and taking action today, we can ensure that the next president is ready, willing and able to address the major challenges facing our cities and our nation.

About the author: Ashley Smith is the Senior Associate, Grassroots Advocacy at the National League of Cities. Follow Ashley @AshleyN_Smith.

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